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MSOP Moose Lake

Safety Committee Meeting

March 9 th, 2017 First Quarter Meeting


Staff Present:

Wendy McGowan, Chad Mesojedec, Terry Kneisel, Keri Ovsak, Janet Turner, Steve Sayovitz,

Jay Gerdes, Katie Simmons, John Carlson, Bryan Weinzierl, Chair.




Employee Injury Report:



17 reportable injuries, 2 lost time for the 1 st quarter 2016.

13 reportable injuries, 2 lost time for the 2 nd quarter 2016.

6 reportable injuries, No lost time for the 3 rd quarter 2016

9 reportable injuries, 4 lost time for the 4 th quarter 2016


9 reportable injuries, No loss time for the 1 st quarter 2017


  • Injury breakdown for 1st quarter 2017:9 total; Job Class: 6 were Security Councilors, 1 maintenance, 1 RN, and 1 Skills Development Specialist. Injury type: 3 contusions, 1 laceration, 1 foreign body, 4 strains/sprains.


  • There were 5 reported assault/aggressive acts on staff by clients for 4th quarter 2016
  • There were 4 reportedassault/aggressive acts on staff by clients for 3rd quarter 2016
  • There were 5 reported assault/aggressive acts on staff by clients for 2nd quarter 2016.
  • There were 4 reported assault/aggressive acts on staff by clients for 1st quarter 2016.



There were 0 reported assault/aggressive acts on staff by clients for 1st quarter 2017.


Bryan presented a five year recordable injury report for MSOP. Both Moose Lake and

St. Peter. Total reportable injuries have gone down consistently for the past five years.

(See attached report).


Product Equipment recalls – There was a recall on needle protective covers used at

Moose Lake, Nursing staff have been provided education on the recall and proper use.


Infection Control – Several cases of respiratory illness at Moose Lake and St. Peter

over the last quarter. No influenza or pertussis identified.


Quarterly Safety Inspection –There were five total safety hazards noted. Specifics on

the inspections can be found in the inspections sectionof the Safety PowerPoint.


Old Business

Subject: Respirator use, training and medical evaluations for persons holding the video

cameras during ICS’s. All A team members use respirators however the B team’s

camera holders do not but are potentially exposed to CS. NOTE, during 3 rd quarter safety

meeting it was discussed that responding Health Service staff may require respirator

training as well.

Responsible person: Terry Kniesel/Bryan Weinzierl/Steve Sayovitz

Action taken: Steve spoke on A-Team, B-Team, And Health Service roles to ICS responses. A-Team members are all trained on the use of respirators and would be the primary responders in those situations where chemical irritant is used. B-Team and Health Services would be held back to limit or have no potential exposure to chemical irritant. Due to limited exposure and cost of training for respirator use, B-Team and Health Services will not require respirator medical evaluations and fit testing at this time.

Timeframe: COMPLETE


New Business

Subject: Sit/stand desktop units

Responsible person: Bryan Weinzierl

Action taken: The issue is that staff have brought in sit/stand desktop units that they have paid for themselves. There are more requests for staff to be able to do this. This has gone to the Executive Management Team to review and make recommendations. At this time each potential need will be reviewed through a Workstation Ergonomic Assessment and will need a medical need as well as department head approval.

Timeframe: COMPLETE


Subject: First Aid kits on the units, and what are the inspection requirements.

Responsible person: Bryan Weinzierl/Steve Sayovitz

Action taken: Last year due to the results of a Department of Health survey at St. Peter,

All first aid kits were to be removed from the departments at both sites. Health Services

will respond to medical issues on the units with a medical jump bag that has been

approved by the Medical Director. The list of items required for the jump bag are

approved. Units can keep a supply of band aids on the units.

Timeframe: COMPLETE


Subject: Hazardous Chemical Inventory updates

Responsible person: Bryan Weinzierl/ Department and Unit Directors

Action taken: Hazardous Chemical Inventories are in the process of being updated and

posted on SharePoint. The departments that have updated/completed the inventories are:

Maintenance, Health Services, Warehouse, and Education. Other departments will

receive a reminder to complete their inventories by May 1 st.

Timeframe: Need to complete by MAY 1 st.


Subject: Control Center concerns relating to fire alarm radio calls and chair issues on the


Responsible person: Arthur Miller/Bryan Weinzierl

Action taken: The issue with the chairs will beaddressed during the next scheduled

safety audit in May when the chairs will be assessed. The issue with staff calling in fire

location by portable radio before the Control Center can call an ICS will be addressed in

a CBT change in training on Emergency Procedures.



Subject: Pushing of client wheelchairs between buildings for medical treatment at

Health Services.

Responsible person: Terry Kneisel

Action taken: It has been decided by management that security will no longer push

clients between buildings (inside the perimeter) for purposes of medical treatment at

health services in the main building. This decision was made due the potential of injury to

staff due to pushing heavy clients on the path between buildings. There has been concern

by health services staff as to how or where they would treat these clients. Management is

looking into different options as to how these clients can be safely moved or treated.

Timeframe: ONGOING


Subject: Security light fire

Responsible person: Jeremy Black

Action taken: There was another security light on the outside of the building that

overheated and started on fire. This is the sixth light that has overheated or started on fire.

The company that manufactures the lights has been contacted, however they indicate that

there is no recall or issues with the lights that they have noted. Maintenance will continue

to monitor

Timeframe: ONGOING


Subject: MN Department of Health inspection of the Kitchen

Responsible person: Susan Johnson/Bryan Weinzierl

Action taken: MDH completed the kitchen inspection on 03/06/2017. Two “critical”

items were found relating to food cooling practices and training. Overall the inspection

showed very positive food safety practices in the kitchen.

Timeframe: COMPLETE

Submitted by Bryan Weinzierl















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