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AFSCME Local 1092 Home

Welcome Local 1092 Members

Welcome to the new local 1092 site where you will find news and information about your union local as well as meeting minutes, upcoming events, meeting times and locations and important communications from your Union leadership.

AFSCME: 75 Years of History

The history of AFSCME began in 1932, as the country suffered through a severe economic depression, when a small group of white-collar professional state employees met in Madison, Wisconsin, and formed what would later become Wisconsin State Employees Union/Council 24. The reason for the group’s creation was simple: to promote, defend and enhance the civil service system. They also were determined to help spread the civil service system across the country. Read More »


Recent Updates to Site

5/22/16- Please make three calls Sunday morning.  Our safety depends on it.

A conference committee struck a bad deal at 4 a.m.  It includes $0 for safe staffing at St. Peter.

Tell these House Republicans that their budget for human services is unacceptable with zero funding for St. Peter.  Tell them to fund safe staffing at $93 million, as Governor Dayton proposed.

Call Representative Jim Knoblach: 651-296-6612

Call Representative Matt Dean: 651-296-3018

Call Representative Tony Cornish: 651-296-4240



FRIDAY - House Floor session *
Friday, May. 20, 2016 9:00 AM Ch: HTV 1
* The start time of Friday's Floor session has not yet been set.
HF659 (O'Driscoll) Omnibus state retirement bill.
HF963 (Kiel) Railroad crossing rights-of-way by utilities requirements established, and money appropriated.
HF1412 (Fabian) Electronic waste management provisions modified.
HF2342 (Dettmer) Capitol grounds memorial commemorating Minnesotans awarded the Medal of Honor provided.
HF3255 (Knoblach) Labor agreements ratified, and compensation plan approved.
HF3584 (Cornish) Labor agreements and compensation plan ratified.
HF3585 (Drazkowski) Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified, affirmative approval required before interim implementation of state employee collective bargaining agreements, exclusive representatives prohibited from requiring political contributions, and open meetings required.
SF2381 (Sanders) Omnibus elections bill; convicted felons civil right to vote after incarceration restoration.
SF2414 (Albright) Long-term care ombudsman office, mental health treatment services, and miscellaneous policy provisions modifications; psychologists duty to warn extension to postdegree supervised students, alcohol and drug counseling practicum students and postdegree professional practice and to students and interns practicing marriage and family therapy under supervision.
SF2665 (O'Driscoll) Real estate appraiser fees, costs, and management companies regulation.
SF2985 (Sanders) Presidential primary establishment.
SF3047 (Davids) Individual health plans conversion non-renewal by health plan carriers authorization.
SF3113 (Smith) Revisor's bill.
SF3131 (Melin) Eligible energy reimbursement costs clarification; Hibbing public utility commission membership increase authorization and city ward system modification.


Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s bill attacking working people in the public sector refuses to go away.

The House State Government Finance Committee will hear legislation making it harder for public sector workers to organize.

We need a strong showing from union members and supporters at the committee. More info here





From The President Kuhlman

#mnhouse passes SF2626, ratifying state labor agreements and compensation plans, 104-25. Bill goes to the governor. #mnleg Click the hashtags to see the MN house and MN Legislature twitter feed concerning SF2626

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2VKM53tVX4 Click this link to see the House Ways and Means Committee meeting from 5/21/16




As public workers, we’ve deferred our wages for a guaranteed pension that allows us to retire with dignity. But our retirement security is continually under attack by politicians.

The latest pension attack happened Monday when the House Government Operations Committee approved a “sustainability measure” for the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS). We must stop this legislation before it’s fast-tracked onto the House and Senate floors this week.

The measure would reduce the retiree COLA (cost of living adjustment) from 2 percent to 1.75 percent for one year, effective January 1, 2017. It would also remove the COLA trigger for MSRS General and Correctional plans, so there would be no automatic increase in the cost of living if specific funding thresholds are reached.

Rep. Tim O’Driscoll (R-Sartell) is the mastermind behind this pension attack. He chairs the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement and says the COLA reduction is only a start.
It’s a bad start that puts the entire burden on retirees with no shared sacrifice from the employer.

Rest assured that MSRS is well managed and in much better shape than critics suggest. AFSCME members have taken responsible actions to ensure that there are funds sufficient to pay promised benefits to retirees. There’s no reason for public workers, taxpayers or legislators to panic.

Text PENSIONS to 237263 to be connected to your state legislators, or call your senator at 1-855-402-6561 and your representative at 1-855-974-4273.

ASK YOUR LEGISLATORS TO: Protect retirement security for public workers. Don’t reduce the retiree COLA for MSRS.



3/2/16- Click this link for information on why you may be asked to re-sign a union card and an explanation of the goals of AFSCME Strong. When the page opens, click on the Blue "What is AFSCME Strong" button near the top of the page


From Vice President St. Germaine

From National AFSCME

From Council 5


Update on the Friedrichs Case

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with working people against the wealthy special interests behind the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case.

Friedrichs was an attempt to restrict our rights to join together through our union so that we can speak up for each other, improve our communities and hold the powerful accountable.

But the corporate interests behind Friedrichs have badly miscalculated. The attack motivated hundreds of thousands AFSCME members to not only recommit to their union — but to make sure the Supreme Court doesn't become a tool for wealthy special interests.

President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court yet many United States senators are refusing to even meet with him.

Sign our petition calling out right-wing extremists in the Senate and telling them to do their job.

The next President may appoint as many as three justices to the Supreme Court bench, shaping our future for decades to come, and make decisions that could make or break the ability of working people across America to sustain their families.

The forces behind this case thought they could use the Supreme Court for a political attack and they failed. They thought we would give up. But we NEVER quit.

Sign this petition and tell the obstructionists in the Senate to do their job!

In solidarity,
Lee Saunders



Misc. Section .

Hi All,

I am on the Day on the Hill planning committee this year.  We are putting the call out for attendees for 2016 Day on the Hill.  This year is a different date and a new location.  We will have several buses coming from all over the state. I know there will be a Range bus coming from Virginia, a bus from Duluth and our local partners with 3887 (ML-DOC) to sponsor a bus from Cloquet.  These are coach buses with comfortable seats.   Will you join us this year?

April 5 th, 2016  (MSOP- Rotation 15’s are off)

This year we will be at the River Center.  If you choose to drive down there are plenty of parking spaces unlike years past.  With the construction at the Capital we will be holding our massive Rally at the River Center. 

Let me know if you want to be put on the list and if you want to ride the bus.  If you think of others who would like to join us forward this to them.  Let’s pack the bus!

I set up a phone banking for Feb 2 nd at the Moose Lake union office from 5:15-8pm.  We will be calling to remind people to go to their precinct caucuses on March 1 st.  If you would like to volunteer there will be pizza and beverages provided.  Let me know if you are interested.


In Solidarity,

Jessica Langhorst

Afscme Local 1092

Afscme Council 5 Executive Board

MSOP-ML (218)565-6000

Cell 763-477-8210


“When we all do better, we all do better.”  Paul Wellstone



the next Afscme Strong training will be either March 2nd or March 15 th or 16 th.  The heavy days in March. It will be held in the ML union office.  Here is a link to the internationals information on what Afscme strong is all about. http://www.afscmestrong.org/




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